Home Selling Advice for Winter



While many home sellers would prefer to sit back and hope for the best regarding the sale of their home during winter, the cold and snowy season means they might have to put in some work at their residence to help get it off the market, according to Bankrate.

The website reports home sellers would be wise to spend some time and energy improving the look and feel of their home prior to allowing prospective home buyers to tour the residence with their real estate agent.

One of the more arduous winter tasks for homeowners is shoveling. Bankrate reports home sellers need to keep on top of heavy snow accumulation on their property. Specifically, clearing walkways of snow is ideal so that buyers who wish to tour the home can clearly get to the front door.

Additionally, the website reports it is smart to ensure the driveway and street area in front of the home is clear of snow so home buyers have plenty of areas to park if there’s an open house.

Monitor weather
One task home sellers should perform is monitoring the weather for days which they plan to showcase the home to potential buyers. Should there be a snow storm or other inclement weather on the day of an open house, sellers should be flexible and consider changing the date of the showcasing to prevent buyers from having to travel the roads, according to Bankrate.

The last thing home sellers and their agents want is for buyers to come visit a home when they would risk their safety in doing so.

To make the home look warm and appealing during the winter, Bankrate reports home sellers may want to hang up some decor to accent their home and the snow outside, if there is any.

However, instead of adorning the house with holiday arrangements and pieces, the website report home sellers would be better off hanging wreaths and wrapping garland around banisters. Too many holiday decorations tends to be a put-off for some buyers, according to Bankrate.

Also, more playful home sellers could build a snowman in the yard, according to the website, which could be a great welcome for prospective buyers – particularly those with families.


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